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Technology Needs

RFNOW is proud to be the technology arm of the Moston House Group of Companies. Not only do we design, deploy and maintain our Wireless and Fibre Optic ISP network, but we also look after all of the technology needs for Custom Software Solutions Inc. and Andrew Agencies Ltd. This means we build, deploy and support multiple data centres, complex software development and live production environments, multi-branch voice and data networks, remote workspace environments and end user support.

In-House Expertise

What does this mean for you? We have the in-house expertise and ability to help your organization with everything from Hardware design, acquisition, deployment and ongoing support and maintenance of your voice and data networks.


Many businesses fall in to the position where the need to proactively and reactively manage their voice and data network, however they don’t have enough work or the budget for a full time IT support person. This is where we can help. We can work with you to help address current issues, assist in planning and budgeting for future upgrades, and just be there to help whenever you need us. We can do this work as required or set up a maintenance schedule where we regularly visit and proactively work on your network.